Earth Tools

A WebGL application to analyze the Earth's surface.

Technologies: JavaScript, WebGL, GLSL, SVG, Google maps, Google elevation API.

3D User manual

Interactive web application giving step by step visual instructions to assemble equipment.

Technologies: JavaScript, WebGL (Web browser)


An online SWF to video converter which converts Adobe Flash Swf files to HTML5 compatible video (WebM, Ogg, MP4).

Technologies: Node.js, AWS (S3, DynamoDB, CloudFormation, CloudFront, SAM, Cognito, Lambda) Bootstrap.


A utility to help represent AWS DynamoDb data types. It converts JavaScript objects to objects in the format required by DynamoDb.

Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js.

Snapshot of project.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality applications for promotions.

Technologies: Papervision3D, FLARToolKit, Google Sketchup, Action Script 3

Industrial Valves

Construction and operation of industrial valves. Users get a good understanding of a range of products at a glance.

Technologies: AWS EC2 (rendering), Blender.

Gas welding equipment

Interactive 3D application showcasing a gas manifold system used for welding.

Technologies: Papervision3D, Google Sketchup, Action Script 3


An interactive 3D User Manual (i3D-UM) showcasing a camera.

Technologies: Papervision3D, Google Sketchup, Action Script 3

Sorting machine

This prototype is designed to sort disc shaped thermistors. Solenoids control gates which guide the thermistors into their respective bins.

Technologies: C, Linux, ARM9 (TS-7200)